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Top Features of Enterprise Quality Management Software

Top Features of Enterprise Quality Management Software

The use of EQMS renders benefits that span throughout an organization. The benefits include an enhanced brand valuation, higher customer satisfaction levels, mitigated error rates, and consistent product quality.
The use of Enterprise Quality Management Software becomes particularly important in the context of the present-day market environment, wherein the software industry experiences a 27% YoY growth each year. EQMS enables enterprises to stay relevant and succeed in a competitive market environment.

Defining Enterprise Quality Management System (EQMS)

EQMS manages processes and documents throughout the organization and is in place for supporting a formal system for quality management. Organizations use Enterprise Quality Management System Software to simplify data handling, risk management, compliance, issue management, audit management, and training management. EQMS is frequently in the format of integrated modules in a single solution.

Let us take a look at the top features that EQMS should have

Company-Specific solutions

An organization should ideally go ahead with an EQMS centered upon growth goals, company size, and industry. Another alternative in the regard is to go ahead with a solution that is highly flexible and meets the end to end requirements at your organization. An important advantage that comes into play with the use of a flexible solution is that it scales with your organizational requirements or organizational expansion. When seeking solutions, consider how prospective software and suppliers fit in with your reporting needs, people, and processes. In case of an ideal EQMS:

  • Reporting gives visibility into communication, correction, risk, and performance
  • Data stays secure
  • Records are accurate
  • SOPs are available for use wherever required
  • Employees understand quality processes

Integrates processes

Process flexibility is an important function for any enterprise, particularly the one that scales quickly. An Enterprise Quality Management System Software should have features beyond pre-market capabilities. They should include:

  • CAPA
  • New workflows and features
  • Training management
  • Document management
  • The EQMS should facilitate core process integrations such as:
  • Risk management and compliance
  • Reporting and audits
  • Automated quality

Flexible and Expandable

EQMS chosen by an organization should fit the existing processes and have sufficient flexibility to scale. This makes the Enterprise Quality Management System Software particularly useful for matters such as supplier management. With an EQMS in place, validation is simplified, and best industry practices are easier to incorporate within the system. Flexibility primarily refers to how quickly and effectively the system changes over time. In case you intend to conduct an audit that wasn’t planned to be conducted earlier, will the system be in a position to accommodate it easily? EQMS should enable flexibility in real-time to meet the changing requirements. It should have features such as drag-and-drop editing for checklists, templates, forms, and workflows.

Advanced reporting capabilities

Numerous industries have stringent requirements in place for meeting compliances and regulatory requirements. The regulatory requirements frequently pertain to access control over sensitive data, audit trails, record keeping, and reporting. Reporting capabilities should ideally be integrated with the finest implements of business intelligence.
Just as an instance, when your organization updates an SOP, it should be easy to retrieve prior document versions. Similarly, there should be smart links in place for mitigating manual reworking processes. The software should also create automatic updates for all employees impacted by the SOP for getting trained. Reporting should be fully integrated and closed-looped for generating business value.

Beyond those mentioned above, an EQMS should also put an organization in the best position to meet internal and external compliance requirements. EQMS, Quality Management System Software by Harrington Group International is easy to use, flexible, powerful, and has a range of top-class inbuilt features, and that’s what we think makes it the best match for your organizational requirements. The software addresses all quality-related metrics and yields measurable results for organizational productivity and streamlining processes.

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