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Stages of issue management.

When working in an organization, the manager is undoubtedly sure about what an issue is. Because issues in an organization are inevitable, a system was devised for issue management. While manual methods of issue management have had a good run in the past with slight mistakes, better means have been introduced in the market, i.e. Issue management software.

Issue management is known for providing issue tracking. However, it is a far more complicated procedure than that and involves several stages. The ultimate goal of issue management is to detect, resolve and create a corresponding database of issues that are routine in an organization. The steps of issue management include:

1. Discovering the issue.

This step involves detecting issues via issue tracking systems.

2. Issue reporting.

Issue reports can be described as special documents that retain all information regarding specific issues.

3. Fixing the issues.

Once the issues have been detected and reported, the products are tested and made sure there is minimal to no problems.

4. Avoiding future errors.

This is the final stage of issue management. Once the issues have been fixed, a document is created about the relevant issues that are indispensable for the team. Using this document, the organization would be able to look out for these faults that may occur and make sure there are standards established to make sure these issues or similar issues do not happen in the future.

While issue management is typically handled manually, many companies, have begun using issue management software. These systems have made it easier for companies worldwide to perform all the steps mentioned above through a single system.

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