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Key concepts of quality in project management.

Quality management is essential for every organization. With that being said, a project manager plays one of the most critical roles in maintaining quality management. Given that the concept of quality management is solidified, the project manager is given the duty of tailoring, and implementing his/her quality standards for a specific project. The following are the essential considerations of quality management in a project.

• The quality functions need to be built into the staff. This function is established to be manned by an individual responsible for the management and should be dedicated to quality throughout the project. The goal should be to produce quality output ultimately.

• The project manager would be responsible for:

– The quality function should be feasible for the project.
– Each member involved in the project should be equally distributed work to ensure optimal quality.
The key to a successful project is to provide employees with the chance to contribute to the success of a project. That way greater effort would ensure success. This can be achieved through:

1. Quality distribution by the project manager. When distributing the chance to open-minded considerations and actions, there would be a better chance of quality output.
2. Suggestions can be taken where contributions of constructive criticism would create a base towards the betterment of a project.
3. Recognition and appreciation of work are also essential. If the suggestions are not plausible, negative remarks can also produce a positive attitude in the future.

• The project manager should determine the right direction in simplifying the procedures that can be simplified. This includes computation and areas for potential human errors that reoccur.

Quality management isn’t as easy as one would assume. However, Harrington Group International makes it easy. With the total quality management system, companies can now simplify their quality management procedures by bringing an automated practical approach to deliver real impact for optimal output.

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