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HQMS Audit Management Software System Delivers A Competitive Edge For Your Organization

Quality management software (QMS) characteristically involves several aspects, such as risk management, accurate real-time reporting, and supplier management. Audit management further makes a quintessential part of quality management. Harrington Quality Management Software (HQMS) includes the best in the class audit management system. It is in the format of an innovative, efficient, customizable, reliable, and an end-to-end module.

HQMS Audit Management Software System Delivers A Competitive Edge For Your Organization

The HQMS – Audit Management Module is flagship software that aids with quality management, and compliance with easier identification of problem areas, simplifying enterprise process improvement. Among the HQMS Audit Management software system’s key features is its ability to streamline the audit cycle throughout, starting from creation to closure. The ease of operation further makes the solution easy to use. One can operate it remotely over a PC or mobile device such as a smartphone or a tablet. A user can access consistent information in real-time or update information based upon the granted privileges.

The Audit Management system makes the requisite tools available for enhancing efficiency and effectiveness. The software makes it simpler for an organization to meet compliances and provides the highest security standards. Let us take a look at the top features offered by HQMS Audit Management software system:

Creating Audit Plans
The software facilitates a new audit plan to be defined based upon several criteria depending upon organizational requirements. The criteria used could be the department, specification, category, type, location, security level, originator, subject, or audit plan number. Audit plans aid with the recurring audits.

Selecting And Reviewing Audit Plans
HQMS Audit Management Software System aids with reviewing and filtering the list of available audit plans. Upon locating a preferred audit plan, one can get further details by clicking on the same.

Browsing Historical Data Is Simplified
From the Audit plan reports section, one can access all available reports in the Audit plan system.

Easier Sorting Of Information
The audit plan configuration section maintains records for configuration, keywords, and labels for the Audit Plan System.

Analysis Of Individual Items Is Simplified
With the master item module’s use, a user can assess the results of a chosen item across multiple audits.

Remote Auditor
The remote auditor feature makes it easier to perform remote audits. This could be as close as your factory floor, or as far as anywhere across the world. This is accomplished by uploading the results of the audit on to HQMS. Following this, a user can track, create, or manage audit findings using remote access.

Managing audits effectively gives an organization a competitive edge and ensures that errors made in the past aren’t repeated. Easier access to business-critical information at your fingertips makes it easier to identify the recurring pain points. This ensures that the time is meticulously spent reworking the problem areas and not towards figuring them out. HQMS Audit Management software system has several features that make it the preferable audit management solution for your enterprise. It makes audits more efficient and effective while reducing costs and enhancing audit quality levels.

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