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Quality Management Software – Enhance Existing Processes or Start Anew

Quality management or Quality management Software does not inherently mean replacing all your existing processes with brand new ones and starting over. If your current practices are foolproof and effective enough, they can be enhanced as needed by tweaking the rough edges. If not, it would be better to introduce all-new process systems to your […]

Audit Management Software – The Importance of Gaining Access to Information ASAP

It is evident that companies need to leverage critical information to tackle any situation efficiently and quickly. Addressing any cases that may come up mandates you to be well-informed on the occurrence in just a limited amount of time. But this means having access to any happenings on a real-time basis. What is it that […]

6 reasons why your company needs to switch from manual to automated calibration systems.

There are multiple different formats on how calibration can be managed. However, with the introduction of calibration software, companies have seen in a significant improvement in the calibration and maintenance process. The following are six attributes that calibration management software has known to offer for overall organizational efficiency. 1. Automated planning and scheduling. The software […]

Key concepts of quality in project management.

Quality management is essential for every organization. With that being said, a project manager plays one of the most critical roles in maintaining quality management. Given that the concept of quality management is solidified, the project manager is given the duty of tailoring, and implementing his/her quality standards for a specific project. The following are […]