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Best Audit Management Software 2021

Best Audit Management Software 2021

Audit Management Software

Audit management software is a system used by companies to manage their auditing procedures. Companies need audits to analyze errors and define potential risks. Using software can simplify and speed up the process. The perfect software will give you a wide range of options as scheduling, monitoring, and analyzing auditing results. Besides, external auditors can use the software to follow up or supervise the auditing process with all the data in one place.

If you have a small or medium-sized enterprise of any kind, you probably need one of these software programs. Before you start searching for the best audit management software 2021, check the must-available features of high-quality audit software.

Key features of audit software

  • Standard templates and procedures

Whatever business you are working in, the audit process usually goes the same. Thus, your auditors may need to create templates and standard procedures. Using the software is meant to ease the process. So, you should be able to save your procedures and build on previous settings.

  • Consolidate information in an easy interface

Audits are not a single task that happens once, and that’s it. It takes days and weeks. It occurs regularly, and different people carry on the tasks. Comprehensive software will provide a platform to capture all the necessary data in an organized way. Furthermore, it will allow your auditors to assign tasks and determine each task’s status and completion.

  • Customizable

Although most audits go in similar processes, some auditors will prefer to emphasize specific tasks in particular departments than others. Your software should enable you to create your customized checklists. Ideally, auditors should be able to edit these checklists, provide details on each item and mark their completion. Moreover, auditors should add and delete fields based on their perspective of the audit session. They may also need to schedule specific tasks with predetermined items on the checklist. All these customizable features should be available in your auditing software.

  • Advanced settings

Going the extra mile, some audit software will offer advanced features as automation of tasks, creating reminders, and suggested corrective actions. Other settings that you may be interested in is filtering the data to view specific information only. You might also want to attach documents in case you have internal audits followed by external ones.

  • Generating reports

After each auditing session, your auditors will need to download reports for the managers to view. The software in use should enable them to download reports in different formats and choose what they need in the report. Certain software will allow customizable reports based on the auditor, the timing, or the items audited.

  • User-friendly interface

What is the usefulness of having all the above features in complex software that nobody can use? Having unique features is good, but the ability to use them is far more critical. Perfect audit software will allow your auditors to start using it with minimal training required. Any questions or customer support should be included with the software package.

Having audit management software will change the process in your company a lot. If you need software with all the features that will leave you in no need of supportive software, go for Audit Master. Audit Master is the software developed by Harrington Group International with all the above-discussed features. Additionally, it provides you with the ability to control different user access features and assign responsibilities and works well with other software solutions such as Document Management System. This highly effective software comes up with advanced features at an affordable price.

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