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Audit Management Software – Auditing done Right

Auditing is a genuinely complicated process if you do not have the right tools to help simplify it correctly. What you require is an Audit Master, if we may, and that is precisely what Harrington Group International has delivered to you. The newest version of Audit Management Software, Audit Master with all its latest updates are up for grabs. And here’s why you should be grabbing it right away.

Audit Management Software - Auditing done Right

An experienced auditor will tell you that audits do not just look for the areas that require improvement. Successful audits also propose corrective actions to be implemented to rectify any current issues. It doesn’t stop there. Follow-up reviews are used to ensure that the problem area is indeed resolved. That may seem a bit much to tackle using conventional auditing techniques alone. But with Audit Master at your beck and call, make sure that every audit is indeed an effective audit that covers all aspects involved.

Scheduling is more or less a crucial aspect of auditing. Be it a one-time audit or a recurring audit, programming ahead is essential. Audit Master provides you with an Audit Calendar that helps you keep track of important dates in the audit schedule. Make sure that the assigned team members are notified and well aware of the program.

The results of an audit are extremely important for a company focused on continuous improvement. Keeping records of the problem areas and thereby documenting the corrective actions taken are also now made easier with this tool. Highlight the problematic areas and then make sure that those are addressed with effective corrective actions. Assign the responsibility of each corrective action to an employee to make sure that it is streamlined to completion. Proper accountability can help improve the responsiveness of your team and the entire organization overall. Follow-up on these corrective actions is also now enabled to make sure that problem areas are indeed addressed without any delay.

Another beneficial feature is the ability to place users in separate user workgroups. The gist here is that this can be used to control user-based access and assignment of responsibility easily. Rather than assigning controls and access from a user to a user, the user can be attributed to a workgroup with the required commands. Now, be able to control which users have access to which records in the database easier than ever.

The ability to retrieve, sort, or filter records easily is another function that most users ask for. And we’ve already provided for that request. Pull out complete audits or filter out only the specific records you need using the best filters available.

It is high time to update to an automated Audit Management Software that helps you do more with less. Put the conventional paper-based audit management processes behind you. Contact us now to figure out how our software can help streamline audits at your firm. Be it a large-scale, medium-size, or even a small firm, we’ve got options that work for each and every one of you. Feel free to call us up on our toll-free hotline to have the rest of your doubts clarified ASAP.

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