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6 reasons why your company needs to switch from manual to automated calibration systems.

There are multiple different formats on how calibration can be managed. However, with the introduction of calibration software, companies have seen in a significant improvement in the calibration and maintenance process.
The following are six attributes that calibration management software has known to offer for overall organizational efficiency.

1. Automated planning and scheduling.

The software platform will allow the creation, scheduling and assigning of work orders to engineers. Alerting the right people for the relevant tasks should be conducted in a timely fashion.

2. Easy population.

All the relevant files can be moved from one platform to the new system.

3. Paperless.

A calibration software provides the ability to manage all relevant company calibration procedures automatically. That way, the paper-based methods can be eliminated. In addition to that, the system also helps save time and reduces manual errors that are normally found in conventional methods.

4. Easily accessible historical data.

Multiple files can be accessed immediately with a mere “search” or “selection” option through calibration system software.

5. Deviation alerts.

Pre-configured limits or boundaries are set to trigger notifications. Therefore, when a deviation arises, a report is automatically generated and sent to the system manager.

6. Built-in training and documentation.

New employees can become familiar with these systems with the help of an easy user-interface. Generally, when purchasing these systems, training seminars may also be provided to users who aren’t familiar with how business software solution tools work.

While manual or conventional methods of calibration did have a good run, calibration system software has been growing in the industry. Essentially, these systems are simply more comfortable to use, provide fewer errors, and offer convenient access from any location in the world.

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