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Audit Master Management Software

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Audit Master

Cost Effective Desktop Software for Small
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Audit Management Software

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Whether you audit your own organization or other companies, Audit Master 4 is the perfect system for…

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Audit Master 4 gives you the tools needed to detail an audit’s scope, establish auditing frequency, &…

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When your organization takes a ‘continuous improvement’ approach, process design and profitability benefit…

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Auditing is a necessary practice for any enterprise concerned with risk management and compliance with industry standards and regulations. Audit Master, our audit management software, provides you with a perfect easy-to-use system for creating and managing your audits and surveillances. It allows you to detail an audit’s scope, establish auditing frequency, and log requirements and responsibilities for conducting audits in accordance with industry standards. Regardless of whether you perform in-house audits or audit other enterprises as a level two or three auditor, Audit Master will enable you to conduct audits far more efficiently than older paper-based methods.

With Audit Master you can: identify areas for improvement, highlight problem areas, correct problem areas, ensure procedural compliance, create historical data, streamline audit scheduling, document corrective actions, and support management review. 

It is straightforward, easy-to-use, and features advanced reports and user workgroups to ensure those who need to see the audits and results get the information they require.

Best of all, Audit Master is highly customizable. The end-user can tailor the program to the needs of the enterprise and industry they belong to via: customizable fields, workgroups, sophisticated sorting and filters, a built-in ISO Audit Checklist updated to the latest standards, fast and specific searching, notifications, and a host of other features such as the built-in calendar that will ensure you’ll never miss an Audit or Audit follow-up again.

If you routinely conduct audits you need an audit management software solution that will work for you and there is no better tool on the market than Audit Master.